Peace & Conflict Studies

Requirements & Policies

The minor in Peace and Conflict Studies is designed to give students an introduction to the study of the dynamics of peace and conflict. The minor serves students who wish to have a thematic unity to the course work taken outside their major field. The PACS minor is open to all undergraduates except PACS majors.

Minor Requirements

Lower Division:

Foreign Language:

Upper Division:
6 courses

Students must take six upper-division courses, three of which must be PACS courses. The remaining three courses must be selected from one (only) of the three PACS Concentration Areas (see Concentration Areas course listings the PACS Minor Application).

Completing the Minor

Students are eligible to declare when they:

  • Have completed one course for the minor at UCB with a grade B or better, OR:
  • Have competed at least two courses for the minor (not necessarily at UCB) with a minimum GPA of 2.0;
  • Not be in their final semester of undergraduate work.

A complete PACS minor application consists of:

  • A completed PACS Minor Application Form.
  • A completed PACS Minor Program Worksheet.
  • A current copy of your unofficial UCB transcript printed from BearFacts with your name printed on the document.
  • Please highlight all courses that apply to the minor, including courses in progress and transferable credits from other institutions (study abroad). Also, indicate which course (if any) will overlap between the minor and your major.
  • Official copies of transcripts from colleges other than UCB IF course work is to be counted towards the minor
  • The “Completion of L&S Minor signed by the student and by the major advisor if required.

To complete a PACS minor, students must:

  • Complete six upper-division courses. A minimum of three must be upper-division PACS courses.
  • Remaining courses must be selected from one (only) of the three PACS Concentration Areas (see Concentration Areas course listings in the PACS Minor Application).
  • Complete at least three minor courses at UC Berkeley. Transfer courses must be approved by an academic advisor.
  • Take all courses counting for the minor for a letter grade. PACS 197, 198, and 199 cannot be used to fulfill minor requirements.
  • Achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in the courses used to satisfy minor requirements.
  • Complete the minor within the 130-unit maximum limit for graduation.
  • Use no more than one course to satisfy requirements for both a major and a minor.

Before submitting applications, students must:

  • Have their applications reviewed by an academic advisor. Bring your complete application to the IAS Office in 101 Stephens Hall.
  • Confirmation of your admission will be sent within fifteen days of submitting your complete application.
  • Once admitted, minors are required to contact an academic advisor at least once each semester to get approval for any changes to their program.
  • The College of L&S will be notified of minor completion approximately four weeks after the final minor course has been completed and the official grades are posted in the transcript.

More information

This description is for introductory purposes only. Students interested in completing a minor in PACS should consult the PACS Requirements & Policies Booklet and the PACS Minor Application.


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