GSI & Reader Resources

We expect to hire GSIs/TAs and Readers for the courses listed below based on current planning, but the department reserves the right to change the list based on curriculum and budgetary considerations. Final Reader appointments are based on courses reaching a minimum enrollment by the third week of the semester. To apply for a GSI or Reader position, please click on the appropriate application form below and submit as instructed.

GSI & Reader Listings for Spring 2024

Major Course(#) Course Name Instructor (#)Positions Filled?
GSI Positions
POLECON C45 World History Trevor Jackson 3 No
POLECON 100 Classical Theories of Political Economy Richard Ashcroft 3 No
POLECON 101 Contemporary Theories of Political Economy Crystal Chang 3 No
POLECON 106 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory Mario Muzzi 2 No
POLECON 157 Political Economy of Finance TBD 1 No
POLECON TBD Global Trade and Finance Mario Muzzi 1 No

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