Political Economy Network Scholars

Noah Bender | History
Email:  noah.bender@berkeley.edu

Qianmiao Chen | Agricultural & Resource Economics
Email:  qianmiao_chen@berkeley.edu

Kate Cullen | Energy and Resources Group
Email:  kate_cullen@berkeley.edu

Irene Farah | City and Regional Planning
Email:  irenef@berkeley.edu

Ritika Goel | Political Science
Email:  ritika_goel@berkeley.edu

Andrew Jaeger | Sociology
Email:  ajaeger@berkeley.edu

Max Kagan | Political Science
Email:  max_kagan@berkeley.edu

Lukas Leucht | Haas Business School
Email:  lukas_leucht@berkeley.edu

Beki McElvain | City and Regional Planning
Email:  bmcelvain@berkeley.edu

Miguel Ortiz | Haas Business School
Email:  m.ortiz@berkeley.edu

Ishana Ratan | Political Science
Email:  ishanaratan@berkeley.edu

Mary Shi | Sociology
Email:  mary.shi@berkeley.edu

Jay Varellas | Political Science
Email:  jvarellas@berkeley.edu

Claire Wrigley | History
Email:  cpwrigley@berkeley.edu

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