Middle Eastern Studies

Upper Division Courses

MES 102 : Scope and Methods of Research in Middle Eastern Studies (4 units)
Prerequisites: Upper division standing

Required for all students majoring in Middle Eastern Studies, open to all students in International and Area Studies Teaching Program focusing on the Middle East interdisciplinary research strategies for the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data. Course integrates the study of the fundamental theories of social science, with the practical techniques of social science research methods. Students will receive no credit for 102 after taking Political Economy of Industrial Societies 102, or International and Area Studies 102 or 118.

MES 190 : Senior Thesis (1-4 units)
Prerequisites: Senior standing; one year of language in the major; at least fifteen upper division units in the major; Near Eastern Studies 10 or MES 10

With the guidance of a faculty member of the program, the preparation and presentation of a senior thesis pertaining to the student’s individual area of concentration within the Middle Eastern Studies major. Final paper required. Units determined in consultation with instructor.

MES H195 : Honors in Middle Eastern Studies (4 units)
Prerequisites: IAS H102; senior standing with a grade point average of 3.6 in the major and 3.5 overall; consent of instructor

This course is the second of a two-semester senior honors program and culminates in the completion of a senior thesis. The thesis project begins with 102, which must be successfully completed before enrollment in H195. During this semester, an honors thesis of approximately 50-75 pages is completed under the direct supervision of the instructor of the Honors seminar program in International and Area Studies and a faculty member appropriate to the student’s interest.

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