Senior Seminar in International and Area Studies

IAS 194.1 Human Rights Thesis Senior Seminar

Restrictions: By category

CCN: 25096

Units/Credit: 4

Time/Location: W 3:00-6:00pm / 279 DWINELLE

Final Exam Group: None

Instructor: David Beecher

It is no secret that the world in which we live has been and continues to be increasingly connected through trade, politics and culture. It is also connected through crime and transgression against government institutions and legal regimes across the globe. This course examines those transgressions in both historical and contemporary perspective. Students in this course will consider, in addition to illegal activities, the relationship between states and their publics, the connection between the law and reality, and the ways in which people negotiate with their governments. Moreover, students will have an opportunity to examine the work of those who have attempted to measure the scale of such unlawful activities, in order to assess the utility of such approaches.

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