Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

IAS 107 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

CCN: 21577

Units/Credit: 4

Time/Location: MWF: 9-10:00am / 390 Hearst Mining

Final Exam Group 16: Thursday, 12/13/2018; 7:00pm-10:00pm

Instructor: Mario Muzzi

This course is designed as a comprehensive overview of intermediate microeconomic theory. It covers a number of topics including consumer and demand theory, firm, production and cost theory, competitive market theory, imperfect competition, welfare economics, choice under uncertainty and information. All analysis conducted in the course relies on graphical and algebraic techniques. Outside readings and discussion sections will demonstrate the applicability of the models covered in class to topics with an international dimension, such as the setting of tariffs, cartel behavior, and international trade. Room share with IAS 207.

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