Professional Training: Teaching in Global Studies

GLOBAL 123L Perspectives for Sustainable Rural Development

Prerequisites: None

CCN: 25737

Units/Credits: 2

Time/Location: Tu: 9-10:00am / 174 Barrows

Final Exam Group:

Instructor: Alan Karras

This course is intended to prepare Global Studies MA students to be instructors in interdisciplinary/multi-departmental courses. It will serve as a forum to discuss problems and create innovative solutions to these problems. Focusing on course construction and operation, specialists from various disciplines will discuss strategies for moving outside of their areas of specialization and into broader areas of Global Studies. Graduate students will be provided training in building their own interdisciplinary courses from the ground up. Organizing syllabi, preparing lectures, devising written assignments, leading discussion sections, constructing evaluative mechanisms and grading them, will all be covered over the course of the semester.

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