Middle East in Global Context

GLOBAL 110M Middle East in Global Context



CCN: 44653

Units/Credit: 3

Time/Location: MW; 5-6:30p / Barrows 151

Final Exam Group: 19 Friday, 12/14/2017, 3-6p

Instructor:Daniel Zoughbie

This course provides Global Studies majors with an introduction to the Middle East region, broadly defined. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, joining the fields of history, political science, anthropology, religious studies, economics, and Middle Eastern studies. Students will be introduced to major historical themes in the study of Middle Eastern societies that are relevant in understanding contemporary intellectual debates and the origins, nature, and trajectory of war and peace in the region. Focusing on the 20th century, the course explores how the modern Middle East evolved politically, socially, and economically into a region burdened by webs of power and influence.

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