Critical Issues in Global Studies

GLOBAL 10B.2 Critical Issues in Global Studies: Cultures and Capitalism

Prerequisites: None

Class #: 26133

Units/Credit: 3

Time/Location: TuTh: 12:30-2pm / 110 Barrows

Final Exam Group: TBA

Instructor: Clare Talwalker

This course examines the impact of the global economy on a variety of societies around the world, using novels and films alongside ethnographic accounts. With a focus on cultural meanings and practices, this course approaches capitalist transformation as a powerful shaping force around the globe and through history. In what ways, we will ask, do such things as commodity markets and wage work interact/coexist with other ways of exchanging things, of cooperating with others, and of laboring for our livelihoods on this earth? How are people making sense of such shifts and changes? This course is room shared with GLOBAL 150Q

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