Beverly Crawford

Crawford, Beverly_0Adjunct Professor
Department(s): International and Area Studies | Political Economy Group Major
101 Stephens Hall


Beverly Crawford teaches PEIS 100 and PEIS 101. She is the co-editor of The Myth of Ethnic Conflict: Politics, Economics and Cultural Violence, (Berkeley: International and Area Studies, 1998), and The Convergence of Civilizations: Constructing a Mediterranean Region (University of Toronto Press, 2006), and published her book Power and German Foreign Policy: Embedded Hegemony in Europe in 2008.

Professor Crawford also recently served as a co-principal investigator on a Ford Foundation project entitled “Promising Practices in Information Technology Training for Disadvantaged Adults,” and worked on a three volume series entitled “Globalization Comes Home: The Impact of Globalization on the United States,” which came out in 2009. Currently, she is working on a project called “Old Paradigms and New Threats: The Foreign Policy Challenge for the 21st Century.”


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